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Graduate School

Oxford has been at the forefront of the new information age in biology, playing a leading role in the public analysis of both the human and mouse genomes and in the HapMap and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium’s investigations into genetic variation in health and disease.

Increasingly, the rising tide of biological data challenges biologists to integrate and interpret  diverse sources of information in order to understand the role of genetic and epigenetic variation. From developmental disorders to degenerative disease, our confidence to embrace these new genomic technologies maintains our research at the cutting-edge of medical science.

Supervisors in this area are based in the Departmental of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, and the Department of Biochemistry. Institutes and Units include the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, and the MRC Functional Genomics and Molecular Haematology Units. Some supervisors not listed here are based in the Department of Statistics.

Supervisors in Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics

Ivan Ahel
Bungo Akiyoshi
Andrew Angel
Frances Ashcroft
Esther Becker
Jo Begbie
David Bennett
Liz Bikoff
Neil Brockdorff
Noel Buckley
Philip Burnet
Martin Burton
Simon Butt
Alfredo Castello
Ross Chapman
Lynne Cox
Ben Davies
Kay Davies
Marella De Bruijn
Peter Donnelly
Susan Dunachie
Samir El Andaloussi
Fumiko Esashi
Matthew Freeman
Tudor Fulga
Andre Furger
Richard Gibbons
Maike Glitsch
Anna L Gloyn
Eva Gluenz
Deborah Goberdhan
Stephen Goodwin
Keith Gull
Monika Gullerova
Doug Higgs
Georg Holländer
Chris Holmes
Zamin Iqbal
Rob Klose
Dominic Kwiatkowski
Nick Lakin
Simon Leedham
Gerton Lunter
Mark McCarthy
Jane Mellor
Thomas Milne
Chris Murphy
Shona Murphy
Simon Myers
Kim Nasmyth
Chris L Newbold
Dianne Newbury
Conrad Nieduszynski
Chris Norbury
Anant Parekh
John Parrington
Roger Patient
Andrew Pollard
Chris Ponting
Nicholas Proudfoot
Jan Rehwinkel
Paul Riley
Peter Robbins
Tatjana Sauka-Spengler
Lothar Schermelleh
Benjamin Schuster-Böckler
Chris Spencer
Kevin Talbot
Jenny Taylor
Ian Tomlinson
Irina Udalova
Lidia Vasilieva
Robin Walters
Caleb Webber
Andrew Wilkie
Daniel Wilson
Clive Wilson
Alison Woollard
Wyatt Yue