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Graduate School

Cutting DNA bands from an agarose gel in the laboratory Laurynas Pliuskys / Graduate Photography Competition

 This four-year graduate programme in chromosome and developmental biology leads to the DPhil degree (PhD). Participating laboratories are international leaders in the fields of chromosome regulation through the mitotic and meiotic cell cycle, the regulation of genome stability and mechanisms of DNA repair, gene/genome regulation in development, including mechanism of transcription, the role of chromatin, nuclear organisation and epigenetic pathways, RNA biogenesis and function (including non-coding RNA), regulating cell fate and pattern formation (including signalling mechanisms and stem cell biology).

Read the full DPhil in Chromosome and Developmental Biology course information on the University of Oxford admissions website



The following researchers are affiliated with this programme

Application Deadline

Closed to applications for 2018-19 study. The next admissions cycle, for entry to Oxford's graduate courses in 2019-20, will commence in September 2018.

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Wellcome Trust

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