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The following programmes are Recruiting students for academic year 2024/25:

3D illustration of stem cells

Biomedical Sciences (NIH OxCam)

Multiplex IF image of skin biopsy© Alistair Easton

Cancer Science

Cardiovascular Science

Cellular Structural Biology

Chemistry in Cells: New Technologies to Probe Complex Biology and Medicine

Inhibitory interneurons in the developing cerebral cortex© Simon Butt


Genomic Medicine and Statistics

Inflammatory and Musculoskeletal Disease

CBF/ ABViP© University of Oxford/David Fisher

Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products

Other Structured Degree Courses

The following programmes are not recruiting students for academic year 2024/25:

Cutting DNA bands from an agarose gel in the laboratory© Laurynas Pliuskys / Graduate Photography Competition

Chromosome and Developmental Biology

Muscle biopsy under a microscope© Rob Judges / Oxford University Images

Doctoral Training Fellowship Scheme for Clinicians

Analysing the results of an experiment© Rob Judges / Oxford University Images

Infection Immunology and Translational Medicine                                     

Microscope in the laboratory

Ion Channels and Membrane Transport in Health and Disease (Oxion)

Photograph of the back of a computer tower© John Cairns / Oxford University Images

Computational Discovery

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