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Bass Hassan


Professor of Medical Oncology

  • Tumour Growth Group, Oxford Molecular Pathology Institute, Sir William Dunn School
  • Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist, Oxford Hospitals
  • T. O. Ogunlesi Senior Research Fellow, Lincoln College

Cancer, tumour growth and translational oncology at the Dunn School

Research Summary

Basic mechanisms and targets of tumour growth control

Molecular and cell biology of sarcoma

Translational development of IGF2-TRAP 

Adaptive and biomarker directed clinical trials


The work of the group at the Sir William Dunn school is directed at regulators of tumour growth.  Initial focus has been on IGF2 and the structure and function of the M6P/IGF2 receptor.  Through understanding the molecular evolution of domain 11 binding, we have identified key steps the acquisition of IGF2 binding during mammalian genomic imprinting evolution, and developed an IGF2-TRAP through forward and directed evolution in vitro.  This work continues towards first-in-man clinical trials in human cancer patients, where detailed biomarker analysis will be be developed and tested in parallel model systems.

Continuing the theme of tumour growth control, functional genetic studies have focused on two regulatory genes associated with cancer invasion and metastasis.  Using intestinal organoids, the functional impact of E-cadherin EC1 extra-cellular domain and Smad4 MH1 domains have been evaluated.  Current work continues to explore novel discoveries, including the post-translational regulation of key regulatory differentiation genes.

Through the NIHR Musculoskeletal biomedical research unit and Biomedical research centre, we are investigating the molecular basis of sarcoma diagnostics, and functional implications of key regulatory genes in specific sarcoma subtypes, and the targeting of key pathways in biomarker adaptive bayesian clinical trials, where we combine and integrate analysis of endpoints using next generation sequencing analysis with radiological (PET-CT) and tissue biomarker data. 

Publications (selected)

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