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Graduate School

Programme Director: Professor Julian Knight

Full DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics course information (University of Oxford admissions website)


The following researchers are affiliated with this programme

Shoumo Bhattacharya
Barbara Casadei
Ross Chapman
Robin Choudhury
Ben Davies
Peter Donnelly
Martin Farrall
Tudor Fulga
Anna L Gloyn
Doug Higgs
Chris Holmes
Zamin Iqbal
Dominic Kwiatkowski
Simon Leedham
Cecilia Lindgren
Gerton Lunter
Mark McCarthy
Gil McVean
Simon Myers
Sergi Padilla-Parra
Chris Spencer
Jenny Taylor
Ian Tomlinson
Ellie Tzima
Hugh Watkins
Krina Zondervan

Application Deadline

Due to a new application system being introduced this year, it is strongly recommended that you submit your application by 4 January 2016.  This will help ensure that your references are received in time.

Supported by

Wellcome Trust

Further Information

Statement of Provision