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D.Phil student in the Wellcome Trust programme in Genomic Medicine and Statistics (2014-2018)

Marieke Oudelaar, DPhil student in Genomic Medicine and Statistics© Marieke Oudelaar / Medical Sciences OfficeWhat is your academic background?

I completed my undergraduate studies in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and obtained a Master’s degree in Biomedicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden). In 2014 I joined the Wellcome Trust programme in Genomic Medicine and Statistics.

Tell us about your research.

After a wet-lab rotation in Doug Higgs’ lab and a dry-lab rotation in Jim Hughes’ lab, I started my DPhil project under co-supervision of Jim and Doug, combining both experimental and computational approaches. In my DPhil project I study the structure of the genome and its role in gene regulation, using the well characterised alpha-globin locus in different stages of erythroid differentiation as a model.  I am particularly interested in the interplay between 3-D genome structure and the action of distal regulatory elements to modulate gene expression.