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MSD IT Network Accounts

A Network Account is required in order to access digital services provided MSD IT Services. New users operating on most of our sites are required to complete our on-line Network Account application form. You will then receive an email giving instructions on how to activate your account electronically.

The form above should only be completed by the person requiring network access. However, a Departmental Administrator, or their delegate, may submit a proxy application on behalf of a new starter, provided a University card has already been issued. If you are an administrator and require a number of accounts to be created at one time, please contact our Service Desk: or ring 80030 first.

Medical School Students

Medical School Students do not normally require an MSD IT network account unless working specifically in a department. If an account is required, please complete the on-line Network Account application form.

Current and Former MSD IT Users

If you have previously had a MSD IT (Novell/Microfocus) network username, please contact our Service Desk or call us on Oxford (01865) 280030. If your account is extant, it may be reactivated, provided you have current affiliation with a Department in the Medical Sciences Division.

If you already have an MSD IT network username but are changing roles and need to access network services or work in another department  supported by MSD IT, please ask the Departmental Administrator or Group PI in the second department to complete and submit a User Access Request Form.

It should not be necessary to issue a second network username.