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Use this on-line form to request an MSD IT network username.

Please read the information found in Accessing the MSD IT Services network.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk

University Card

The seven digit number above your University Card bar code
Your University Status is printed under your name on your University Card

Personal Details

Please supply a 'phone number for the person who will use the account (NOT a proxy applicant). This should preferably be a Medical Sciences Division department extension number but an external or mobile phone number may be supplied if preferred. This will enable us to contact the account holder when the credentials are available.
Contact details for the person who will use the account (NOT a proxy applicant). This MUST be a University email address as our user activation process will only send details to a University email address. If you do NOT have a University email address you may enter an alternative here but explain why in the additional information box below.
Please indicate if you are a member of a specific research group within your Department
Please add any other information or requirements relevant to the creation of your account


You must agree to the following rules and regulations.

I understand that this includes my responsibility to act in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Eduserv CHEST Code of Conduct and the JANET Acceptable Use Policy. I accept the University Disclaimer of Liability.

By ticking the box above, you are indicating your agreement. Please see the links below for full details. Unless your new account is activated electronically, you will required to sign a copy of this agreement when you collect your login credentials.

Oxford University Data Protection Information

Oxford University Computer Usage Rules

Oxford University Disclaimer of Liability - SSO login required

JANET Acceptable Use Policy