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Guides to enable you to work remotely and access network resources

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To use a computer that has been set up for the MSD IT network, you will need a VPN client configured on your computer. The CISCO VPN client is available from IT Services Registration pages.

To work with your files on the MSD network at home, you first need to set up a VPN connection.

To access your network drives/file stores:

Windows computers

With the MSD (OES/Microfocus) network app installed, you can login remotely to the network.

Apple macOS computers

Network drives can be accessed using the 'Connect to Server' command, please see the guide for macOS.


Please assess your local physical and digital security. Laptops and external devices should be encrypted and it may be appropriate to encrypt any desktops you have taken home. For more advice please contact the MSD IT service desk.


Connection to home broadband network

If you take your desk/office computer home, it is likely to require a wired ethernet connection which may be difficult to arrange in your home. A USB wifi dongle may be a solution, please contact for advice on this. 


There are on-line services that allow you to access data without any special configuration of your computer

NetStorage - this allows to transfer MSD IT held documents & data via a web browser.

Office365/Nexus365 - this provides web access to Office365 including Microsoft OneDrive, Teams etc.


If you need particular apps you only have on your office Windows computer you can login remotely to that desktop. Some setting up of your work computer is required in order to enable remote access. The computer must be left switched on and the automatic power down functions must be disabled.


The Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) provides access to a virtual Windows desktop and standard Office applications.

The VDS is helpful in these situations:

  • Your local computer is running Windows 10 Home edition
  • You do not have exclusive use of your the computer you are using
  • You have an Apple computer and need to access University services that require Windows 10

To apply for this service, please complete the Apply for Virtual Desktop Service form.

Work Remotely

There is general guidance about working remotely available from IT Services.