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Personal and shared network storage from MSD IT

All MSD IT Services network accounts come with personal, private storage space on a network drive. It usually appears as drive h:\ on your computer.  It is a good place to keep files only you need to work on as it is secure and is backed up every night.  You can access your h:\ drive from any computer managed by MSD IT so it's useful if you are a hot-desker too.  The h:\ drive is a much safer place to keep your files than on your computer's own c:\ drive. In the Divisional Office you will also get access to storage mapped to the i:\ drive which is shared by all members of the Office. Your team may have additional spaces. All shared space creation and access needs to be applied for using the standard MSD IT forms.

Use the h:\ drive for:

  • Keeping your own documents safe and accessible from any computer managed by MSD IT. You can also access this drive via the remote web access.

Use the i:\ drive for:

  • Sharing documents with members of the MSD Office. If your documents are confidential make sure that the network area you are using is only accessible to the appropriate people. Note: some members of the MSD Office only have to access the Network Drive via the remote web access.
  • Storing documents (in line with any retention schedules).

MSD IT Network Drives are unsuitable for:

  • Sharing with people in some other parts of the University. It is possible to share with other people in Medical Sciences Division if they also use MSD IT Services but if not then please consider using SharePoint, FILR, Nexus365 OneDrive.
  • It isn't ideal if two people are working on the same document at the same time.
  • The remote access interface is quite clunky.

Further information: