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If you need a separate mailbox for a non-personal/unit email address, e.g. reception at, it is necessary to apply for an Nexus365 Project (sometimes called "generic") Account.

 Please complete the generic account application form and MSD IT will apply for this on your behalf.


Please read the IT Services Nexus FAQ relating to: I would like to send email from my project account address while logged in to Outlook or OWA with my personal account

This describes the differences in behaviour between delegation of standard accounts and those with FullAccess/SendAs rights. The default account configuration will make the the email address of the sender visible in messages sent a delegated account.

If you require a Project Account, you will need to supply the following information:

  • Account owner: University card barcode number
  • Mailbox name: this must be between 2 and 8 characters, alphanumeric chars only, starting with a letter (if possible the first 4 characters should be the unit's identification code, e.g. "anae" for Anaesthetics, or "clme" for NDM). IMSU will provide help as there will be checks to ensure the name is unique. 
  • Other users of the Project account: we will need a list of the University bar code number(s) of all those who will require access to the project account.
  • Display name: the 'real' name that messages appear to be sent from (80 chars max): e.g. "Socrates Research Project"
  • Email Address: the email address to associate with the mailbox e.g: socrates.project at
  • GAL visibility: yes or no. Do you want it to appear in the Global Address List? (If a mailbox isn't visible in the GAL, users will not easily be able to configure Outlook or delegation.)
  • Contacts search visibility: Do you want the address to be visible to the publicly available University on-line email search facility.
  • SendAs/Full access rights: Does the account need these rights or not, see above.

Please fill in this project account application form if you wish to apply for a Project Account.

Access to Project Accounts

A Microsoft Outlook user with FullAccess Rights to a project account will usually have the account 'auto-mapped'. In these cases, the mailbox will appear automatically in Outlook and there is no additional configuration necessary.

Where the project account has its own Single Sign On (SSO), it may either be added to an existing profile or created as a separate, alternative Outlook profile.

The Outlook app on iOS cannot access delegated mailboxes, however we have instructions available to configure the Mail app on an iPhone or iPad. (The file is PDF so please contact us if you need help with accessing it)

Other considerations

If the following apply, please discuss the configuration implications with your local MSD IT Team:
  • Outlook needs to be configured in 'non-cache' mode. In 'cache mode', a copy of the mailbox is stored on the computer
  • Sent Items need to reside in the Project Account mailbox. By default Sent Items are stored in a delegate's mailbox
  • Deleted Items need to reside in the Project Account mailbox.
  • The account needs to be accessed via Smartphone or mobile device other than a laptop.

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