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Use this on-line form to request a Nexus Project Account.

This form MUST be completed by the person who will be the owner of the new mailbox.

The seven digit number above your University Card bar code
This must be between 2 and 8 alphanumeric characters, starting with a letter (if possible the first 4 characters should be the unit's identification code, e.g. clme for NDM, surg for NDS, etc. ). These 4 characters should be followed by some unique combination to identify the project account. MSD IT Services will modify this if necessary. Leave this blank and MSD IT Services will specify one
The full email address of the new mailbox
Please list the University Card barcode numbers and names of all other Nexus users who will have access to the Project Account
This is the 'real' name that messages will appear to be sent from (80 chars max). This is also the name that will appear in the University Global Address List (GAL)
Do you want the account to appear in the Global Address List? If you want to delegate access then this must be ticked.
Select this if users of the account need to access the entire mailbox, calendar and contacts. Please note you can only have 'FullAccess' or 'SendAs' rights, not both.
If you want all Sent Items to appear in the Project Account's 'Sent Items' folder or you want users to send mail as the account and not 'on behalf of', then tick this box. Please note you can only have 'FullAccess' or 'SendAs' rights, not both.