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Director Tony Brett
Deputy Director (Customer Service & Service Management) Matt Dunne
Deputy Director (Systems & Networks) Peter Jones
Deputy Head of Systems Robin Edwards
Systems Officer David Rhodes
Senior Systems Manager (Windows) Robert Saunders
Linux and Networks Engineer Vacant
Information Governance, Compliance and Projects Officer  Vacant
Systems and Networks Administrative Officer Inga Gorna
John Radcliffe Computer & Web Manager, JR Customer Team Lead Colin Connolly
John Radcliffe Senior Service Desk Analyst James Lewin
John Radcliffe Service Desk Analyst Martin Phillips
John Radcliffe Service Desk Analyst Bonny Varghese
Old Road Campus Customer Team Manager Jono Franklin
Old Road Campus Computer Officer Justin Broad
Old Road Campus Computer Officer Stephen Akrigg
Old Road Campus Senior Service Desk Analyst (BioEscalator Specialist)
Connor Norton
Old Road Campus Service Desk Analyst Doug Simpson
City Centre Customer Team and Large Projects Manager
Jamie Gray
City Centre Deputy Team Lead Florin Bobea
City Centre Senior Service Desk Analyst
John Rowlands
City Centre Service Desk Analyst Dan Nica

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