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Charges for use of the MSD IT Virtual Server service for 2020/21

MSD IT Virtual Servers are available in a standard configuration. A standard virtual server has 1GB RAM, a single Xeon processor core and 100GB of storage. More storage is available up to 500GB per server. Additional memory and CPU cores can be made available at extra cost. If you wish to configure and manage the server yourself (a hosted server) we will install the operating system only for you. A hosted server can run any operating system supported by our virtualisation platform (VMWare vSphere).

Hosted Server Service

Dedicated hosted serverYour own choice of operating system
Setup Charge No setup charge - OS only installed
Maintenance 1 Aug – 31 Jul £300 per annum - pro rata for part-year

We can supply a fully managed server running a choice of Microsoft Windows Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or other Linux flavours by agreement. If any other operating system is mandated by the needs of a particular application we may be able to offer it – please call us to discuss. Please note that there are additional annual licence and support costs for Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise server.

Managed Server Service

Fully managed serverWindows Server / SUSE Linux Enterprise Server / Other Linux
Setup Charge No setup charge
Maintenance 1 Aug – 31 Jul £300 per annum - pro rata for part-year (specification as for hosted server above)
Management charge

£2520 per annum - pro rata for part-year plus operating system/software licence costs

Additional charges

Up to 500GB server disk space £60 per 100GB (or part thereof) per annum
Per 1GB additional RAM £50 per annum
Additional processor £50 per annum

Please note that MSD IT Virtual Servers are intended for application services and not for large-scale data capture or storage. If you have such requirements please call our systems team to discuss. We have successfully provided solutions for departments needing multi-terabyte data storage options.

Large-scale Data Storage

Please contact us or call to discuss but see our separate 2TS storage service for guideline costs

There is normally no charge for the use of MSD IT shared services where these are delivered using operating systems and software which are centrally funded or free from initial or recurrent licence costs. We can normally incorporate applications which have minimal system requirements (such as web sites) into our standard servers without charge. Where we need to license a technology in order to offer it as a service, we make a one-time charge to reflect the licence cost to MSD IT Services.

When an upgrade which requires additional expenditure on licensing becomes available, we will introduce a service based on the new version and migration to the new service will be a chargeable option for existing service users.

The acquisition of appropriate Client Access Licences (CALs) for either hosted, managed or shared servers is the responsibility of the client.