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On-line form to request provision of a MSD IT Services managed or hosted virtual server.

Form to request provision of a MSD IT Services managed or hosted virtual server.

For more information about virtual servers and the options available, please see our service description.

Personal Details

The seven digit number above your University Card bar code
This must be a University or Hospital extension
Please enter your University email address
For which research group within the above department are you requesting this datastore?

Server Details

Do you require a Hosted or a Managed server? Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to offer a hosted Virtual Server if it will not be managed by a competent System Administrator
Please select the server Operating System you require (RedHat Linux and Windows Server have additional licensing costs)
Please indicate the full DNS name you would like for the server ie.

Please note that a number of the selection options below have costs associated with them - you should read the Virtual Server Service Description for full details of these charges

Server memory required - 1Gb is the default provision
If you require additional disk capacity above the default of 50GB, please amend as required
From where will this server need to be accessible by client machines?
Please enter the hostname or IP address of the workstation you will use to manage this Virtual Server
Please tell us what you will use this virtual server for and add any other relevant information or requirements


If the answer to this question is 'Yes', we will contact you to discuss further
By ticking the box, you are indicating your agreement. Please see the links below for full details
By ticking the box, you are acknowledging you have read MSD IT's Virtual Server Service Description (see links below)