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Rachel Allan

Associate Director of Clinical Studies: Assessment Lead for Years 4 and 6

Anna-Maria Ansell

Clinical Course Administrator

Alexandra Bailey

Senior Academic Administrator (Graduate-Entry Medicine Course)

Lucy Bradley

Year 6 and Second BM Examination Co-ordinator

Lois Brand

Associate Director of Clinical Studies

Karen Brown

Academic Officer (Clinical Medicine)

Helen Christian

Associate Head of Division (Education)

Carolyn Cook

Senior Clerical Officer (Clinical Course - Year 4, Electives)

Blanche Delany

Senior Academic Administrator (Year 4 and Graduate Entry Year 2)

Christopher Garland

Associate Director of Pre-clinical Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (FHS)

Ellie Gills

Academic Administrator (Year 5 and Graduate-Entry Year 3)

Catriona Gilmour-Hamilton

Joint Lead for Patient and Public Involvement in Medical Education

Rachael Greaney

Academic Administrator (Admissions and Year 3)

Ashok Handa

Associate Director of Clinical Studies

Richard Harrington

Associate Director Graduate Entry Medicine

Deborah Hay

Deputy Course Director of Graduate Entry Medicine

Olivia Kemsley

Academic Administrator

Amanda King

Education and Facilities Project Administrator

James McBain

Educational Technologist & Senior Academic Administrator, Graduate-Entry ...

David McCartney

Director of Graduate Entry Medicine

Helen McGrath

Senior Academic Administrator (Years 1 and 2)

Andrew McNey

Academic Administrator and Disability Coordinator (Maternity Cover)

Khadar Mohamed Abdul

Clinical Skills Laboratory Officer

Laura Morgan

Clinical School Administrator Manager

Chris Norbury

Deputy Director of Pre-Clinical Studies

Maheshi Ramasamy

Deputy Director of Graduate Entry Medicine

Catherine Rounding

Academic Administrator

Noémi Roy

Joint Lead for Patient and Public Involvement in Medical Education

Katy Sanders

Academic Administrator (Years 1 and 2)

Catherine Swales

Head of School and Director of Clinical Studies

Louise Taylor

Senior Academic Administrator (Admissions & Year 3)

SanYuMay Tun

Lead for Education for Sustainable Healthcare

Jo Valentine

Assistant Registrar

Kirstie Vreede

Head of Administration and Finance

Robert Wilkins

Course Director - Biomedical Sciences programme, Director of Pre-clinical ...

Katherine Woodward

Academic Assistant