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Blanche Delany


Medical School Office
University of Oxford
Academic Centre
Level 2, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Blanche Delany

Senior Academic Administrator (Year 4 and Graduate Entry Year 2)

I am responsible for administration of the Clinical Medical School Year 4 and the clinical sections of the Graduate Entry Year 2 (GE2) course. I am the point of contact for academic staff, teaching staff, College Tutors and Examiners for advice and administrative support for successful delivery of the programme. My responsibilities include:

On course administration for Clinical Medicine students in Year 4/GE2

  • Providing support, guidance and advice to students on all aspects of the Year 4/ GE2 programme
  • Organising teaching arranged by the School
  • Allocation of Year 4/ GE2 students to clinical placements, and communicating allocations to students and NHS providers. Liaising with staff in clinical departments, NHS partner trusts, and primary care settings
  • Managing content and publication of on-course material on Canvas
  • Administering the Special Study Themes (SST) Programme
  • Administering prizes

Year 4 Examinations

  • Liaising with internal and external examiners, OSCE assessors, students, staff, other NHS and University departments in delivering the Second Bachelor of Medicine (BM) Year 4 assessments and the shared Year 4/GE2 assessments
  • Managing timetabling and invigilation arrangements, supporting arrangements for exam adjustments for students with approved adjustments and processing Mitigating Circumstances notices
  • Organising and servicing meetings of the Examiners
  • Collation and organisation of the publication of results

I am also Secretary to the Joint Consultative Committee with Clinical Students (JCC).