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Medical School Office
University of Oxford
Academic Centre
Level 2, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Lucy Bradley

Year 6 and Second BM Examination Co-ordinator

I am responsible for:

Clinical Medical School - Year 6 Administration

  • Organising the administration of the Year 6 timetable, including compilation of available clinical placements and allocation of placements to students and communicating with students, tutors, departmental administrators and District General Hospital staff
  • Providing support, guidance and advice to students in regard to all aspects of the Year 6 programme
  • Monitoring student attendance and successful completion of assessment requirements, including administration of portfolios and educational supervision
  • Production of documentation required by the General Medical Council for medical registration purposes
  • Administration of a number of internal prizes available to Oxford clinical students

Year 6 Examinations

  • Liaising with internal and external examiners, students, staff at all levels, other NHS and University departments and external organisations in delivering the Second Bachelor of Medicine (BM) (Year 6) examination
  • Implementation of the national UK Foundation Programme Office selection examination
  • Organisation of the national Prescribing Safety Assessment for Oxford final year students
  • Collation of results and production of Pass Lists in liaison with Examination Schools, examiners and course administrators