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Christoper Garland

Christopher Garland

Associate Director of Pre-clinical Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (FHS)

  • Professor of Vascular Pharmacology
  • Tutorial Fellow at Magdalen College

As Associate Director I assist the Director of Pre-clinical Studies and Biomedical Sciences in the overall delivery of the programmes. My specific areas of responsibility include:


  • Oversee the teaching and examination arrangements for Pre-clinical Medicine students reading for the Honour School of Medical Sciences, and Biomedical Sciences students reading for Part B of the Honour School of Cell & Systems Biology / Neuroscience;
  • Chair the FHS and Part B Committee, which oversees the teaching and examination arrangements;
  • Liaise with Option Organisers and Theme Organisers to maintain and improve the quality of the teaching;
  • Deliver talks and briefings to the students;
  • Chair student consultation sessions;
  • Approve research project proposals;
  • Approve proposals for submitted essays;
  • Assist and advise students having difficulties with research projects, liaising with supervisors, College Tutors and Heads of Department as necessary;
  • Attend meetings of the FHS / Part B Examination Board to provide advice and information to the Examiners.