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Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor

Senior Academic Administrator (Admissions & Year 3)

I am responsible for the administration of the selection procedures for both the pre-clinical Medicine course and Biomedical Sciences, and for the administration of teaching and assessment for students in Year 3. I work closely with the Director and Deputy Director of Pre-clinical Studies and the Course Director for Biomedical Sciences on all aspects relating to the two courses.

My main duties include:


  • Administration and co-ordination of administrative activity relating to admission to the A100 Medicine course and to the Biomedical Sciences course.
  • Administration and co-ordination of the annual admissions exercise for A100 Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, including management of the shortlisting process and interview scheme, data analysis and servicing the committees which review the admissions process.
  • With the Academic Administrator, organise admissions-related events. This currently includes three Open Days per year and in conjunction with the University Admissions Office, two UNIQ summer schools (one for Medicine and one for Biomedical Sciences). 
  • Answering enquiries from prospective applicants.

Course Administration

  • Overall responsibility for administrative activity in support of teaching and assessment relating to the Final Honour School (FHS).

Examination Administration

  • Administering the examinations procedures on behalf of the Examiners’ Boards for the Final Honour Schools of Medical Sciences, Cell & Systems Biology and Neuroscience.