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Level 4, Clinical Skills Lab
Academic Block West
John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Khadar Mohamed Abdul

Clinical Skills Laboratory Officer

I provide comprehensive administrative and facilities support to the Clinical Skills Lab (Academic Block, Level 4, John Radcliffe) in order to support the Labs’ delivery of teaching in training skills to medical students.

I am responsible for:

Clinical Skills Lab management

  • First point of contact for Clinical Skills Lab booking 
  • Organising and administering activities in the Clinical Skills Lab
  • Discussing with users their requirements for sessions and providing suggestions
  • Providing quotes as appropriate to external parties for Lab bookings
  • Assist various course administrators with timetabling to ensure smooth running of the Lab
  • Managing and updating the & WebLearn websites.
  • Administering expenses for various activities within the skills lab – e.g. processing tutor’s expense payments, processing casual payment for tutors, requesting & follow-up of invoices / Purchase Orders

Student support

  • Contacting the students about the logistics of the scheduled sessions and re-arranging missed sessions in consultation with the course administrator and student
  • Presenting to the new students on Health & Safety and ground rules of the lab

 Equipments & consumables

  • Maintaining the database of equipment in the Clinical Skills Lab and keeping the equipment secure
  • Ensuring equipment is kept in serviceable condition and supplying it for teaching sessions as required
  • Regularly inspecting and carrying out maintenance work on various pieces of equipment in the Clinical Skills Lab and organising more specialist maintenance when appropriate
  • Liaising with medical model making organisations and arranging for demos and meetings when new models are introduced
  • Keeping up to date with the updates provided by NHS Procurement team of various lab consumables (e.g. product code changes, discontinuation of products etc).
  • Maintaining stock management system for consumables.
  • Ordering lab consumables as required for various sessions from NHS Supply Chain & Pharmacy Distribution Centre, arranging for invoicing & Purchase Order, receiving products and following-up with the distribution centre manager if there are missing, defective, expired or extra products in the delivered items