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Information on how to connect to the various WiFi networks available from the University

In conjunction with central University IT Services and Oxford University Hospitals, MSD IT have deployed Wi-Fi hot spots around the John Radcliffe, Old Road and Churchill campuses and other hospitals. Where access points are available, users will be able to use both the OWL and eduroam WiFi networks.

The OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN service) makes use of the Remote Access and Cisco VPN services that central IT Services offer to all University members. Our wireless access points are configured to broadcast the settings of this service, making it very easy to configure. The VPN application provides all of the authorisation, encryption and accounting that is required for a wireless network.

The OWL visitor service is very similar to that provided in coffee shops and airport lounges.  Accounts for this service are available from MSD IT. Accounts are valid for up to two weeks. The OWL visitor service is also available on wired sockets in some locations.

eduroam is an international federation of academic institutions which allows users to visit other organisations, using the same username and password as they would use at their home institution.

For information on exact locations of access points, or if you are interested in purchasing an access point for your workplace, please contact the MSD IT Systems Team.