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How to reset or unlock your login accounts

MSD IT (OES/Novell) account

  • Account locked? If you accidentally lock yourself out of your MSD IT (Novell) account, after a delay of 30 minutes, the account will normally unlock itself.  Should this fail to happen, please email our Service Desk.
  • Forgotten password? Should you forget your MSD IT (Novell) password, provided you have previously set a "security question" on your account, you can reset your password yourself using our MSD IT Account Manager. If you haven't set a security question, or can't remember the answer, please email our Service Desk  for advice.
  • Account about to expire? If your MSD IT (Novell) account expires soon, you will receive automated email notification of this. The expiry is linked with that of your University card - you will need to ask your Departmental Administrator to arrange for your card to be renewed. If this can't be done in time, email our Service Desk and we can extend your Novell access for a short period. Your DA will need to confirm that your card is being renewed.

Oxford SSO (Nexus) account

  • Forgotten password? Should you forget your SSO (Nexus) account password, you can reset it yourself online.
  • Looking for help with multi-factor authentication? 
  • If you have forgotten your SSO password & security question, you can obtain a rescue code from your local IT support. If you can't visit your IT support office in person, and if you have registered one, the rescue code can be sent to an alternative e-mail address.. You can set an alternate e-mail address via the Oxford SSO registration page.
  • Account about to expire? When your University card expires, your Nexus account will still accept incoming email, but you will not be able to access it. An email forwarding address must be set before your University card expires. You will need to ask your Departmental Administrator to arrange for your card to be renewed. If you contact the Central IT Service Desk, they may be able to grant you a short extension to allow Nexus access until you receive your new University card.
  • IT Services maintain a useful page about the Oxford Username/SSO system, which you may also wish to consult.