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Server addresses used to access files-stores with Apple macOS

Please see the user guide for details of how to access files-stores using Apple macOS.

If you know the name of the server providing your file-store you can use one of the following:

Server addresses

Here is a list of the server names for various departments. If you are uncertain which you should, then please contact the Service Desk on 2-80030 or email

Departments & server addresses
Cardiovascular Medicine
CARINS Library
Centre for Neural Circuits & Behaviour
Centre for Statistics in Medicine
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Clinical Neurology
Clinical Neurosciences
Clinical Pharmacology
Experimental Psychology
High Compliance System Transfer
IMM Home
Jenner Institute
Kennedy Institute
Ludwig Institute
Medawar Building
Medical Sciences Office
NDM Research Building
Nuffield Department of Medicine
Oncology / ROB
Pathology 1
Pathology 2
Pathology 3
Pathology Home
Population Health
Primary Health Care Sciences
Tropical Medicine
Women's & Reproductive Health