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This subscription runs until 30 October 2024

Use this form to apply for one or more SnapGene activations. Please read the main SnapGene page before completing this form.

Following submission of this form you will receive an email from our Service Desk and asked to raise an internal departmental Purchase Order in Oracle Financials (R12). Please only raise the PO after you have received our confirmation by email. Details for how to find MSD IT as a supplier in R12 are on our charged for items page.
Each person may only use one copy of SnapGene per paid for activation. Usage will be regularly audited and excess activations will be disabled.

Please supply your University email address
Include your group name if you manage your own subscription, independently of your department
All billing correspondence will be sent to this address, if left blank it will be sent to the applicant.
If you are NOT a registered SnapGene administrator, please supply the email addresses (University only) of the people who will be using SnapGene. For a large number, you can use the file upload facility below.
If you are requesting a large number of activations you can upload a file. Please supply a list of the email addresses of each person who will be using SnapGene. The file format should be .txt, .csv, .xls, or .xlsx