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Use this on-line form to sign up for the FILR file-sharing service

FILR is a 'sync and share' service functionally similar to Dropbox, Google Drive and other similar 'cloud' services.  Our FILR service however, has the benefit of all files being stored and managed on MSD IT Services' own Fileservers and not in some arbitrary location in the world.  This may be useful to satisfy personal or regulatory requirements. FILR is available both as a web service and a client server application for the Windows and Macintosh platforms (downloadable from the FILR web interface).  In addition there is FILR client software for the major mobile platforms; IOS, Android and Blackberry - all obtainable from the relevant appstores for those platforms.

If you would like to use the MSD IT Services FILR service, please give us your details below and make sure you read acknowledge the terms and conditions of the service.  There is currently no charge for using this service.

The seven digit number above your University Card bar code
Not your Nexus/SSO username!

FILR Service Terms and Conditions of Use

FILR is available both as a web service and a client server application for the Windows and Macintosh platforms.  In addition there is client software for the major mobile platforms; IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

The provision of the FILR service includes the CAPABILITY to share files and folders with others both within and outside the University. In providing this service MSD IT Services gives no PERMISSION, implied or otherwise, to share files and folders with any particular individual or group, whether within or outside of the University. Decisions about what data MAY legitimately be shared remain the responsibility of the user. When in doubt, users should refer to the security policy of their University department or seek advice from their Head of Department who has ultimate responsibility for the security of data handled by the Department's members. Without appropriate authorisation, it may be illegal to share some types of information such as patient sensitive data.

Users receive a file system quota (10 Gb at startup) which is separate from any existing home or shared folder.  

Files stored in the users' FILR home folder may be selectively synchronised to other devices and optionally shared with either internal (other Medical Sciences Division IT Services users) or external users.  

External users will be required to register and login to FILR to access shared items.  The backing filestore is held in exactly the same way as our main storage services and is subject to the same security controls.

FILR's ability to synchronise files between devices increases the risk of exposing files to loss should a remote or mobile device be lost or stolen. It is the user's responsibility to determine if their home or personal computers, laptops and mobile phones connected to FILR should be encrypted if sensitive data is handled through FILR.  MSD IT Services encourages the use of the University’s whole disk encryption services for ALL mobile computers.