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Use this on-line form to connect your computer or printer to the network

Personal Details

The seven digit number above your University Card bar code
Please indicate if you are a member of a specific research group within your Department
This must be a University or Hospital extension

Location where connection is required

Please provide us with the room number if possible
If there is no identifiable network socket in the room please enter NONE. We will call you to discuss the provision of network services in your location.

Computer/Printer to be connected

If you answered No above, please give the socket number to which the machine was previously connected
This can usually be found on the back or underside of the computer or printer
The following operating systems are NOT supported: Windows XP, Vista Home editions of Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11. MacOS X prior to 11 (Big Sur). Windows 7 is not supported and no new installations are possible unless it is to be used with specialist equipment or software and assigned to the restricted legacy network.
Does the computer/printer have an ethernet network card fitted?
If you know the ethernet (MAC) address of the wired network card please enter it here

Internal disk encryption.

MSD IT Services will encrypt the internal disks of all laptops. 

For further information see: Encryption Services.

Please add any other relevant information or special instructions, here. If you selected 'Other' under operating system for example, please give more details here