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Complete this on-line form to request a new filestore on MSD IT's 2nd tier storage service

(NB: If you require access or change of access to an existing 2TS filestore, please fill out the User Access Rights Request form)

new 2ts STORAGE request


Personal Details

The seven digit number above your University Card bar code
This must be a University or Hospital extension
Please enter your University email address
For which research group within the above department are you requesting this datastore?


What initial size of datastore in Terabytes do you require? (1 Terabyte = 1024 Gigabytes)
To help our forward planning, we need to know your estimate of the length of time you will need this datastore
From which desktop systems will you need to access the datastore? Please tick all that apply
Please estimate by how many terabytes you expect your storage requirement to grow each year
Please add any other information or requirements relevant to the creation of this datastore such as sharing requirements or access restrictions


If the answer to this question is 'Yes', we will contact you to discuss further
By ticking the box, you are indicating your agreement. Please see the links below for full details
By ticking the box, you are acknowledging you have read the 2TS service description (see links below)