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Strategy and Support

  • Research themes and research partnerships
  • Advancing positive research culture
  • Research assessment, including the Research Excellence Framework
  • Engagement, including public engagement, policy engagement, innovation and knowledge exchange
  • Major prize nominations
  • Policy for naming new research centre (SSO required)
  • Researcher's Toolkit

Facilitating external research funding

  • Coordinating and supporting major bids to external funders including:
    • Large strategic bids and calls that require a single institutional bid
    • Calls that have a cap on the number of applications
  • Supporting strategic bids with institutional commitment and letters of support
  • Relationship management for key research funders

Managing internal research funding




Academic Lead

Heidi Johansen-Berg

Associate Head of Division (Research)

Head of Research

Leila Whitworth

Head of Research Strategy and Funding Team

Research Team

Goher Ayman

Governance Manager

Zoe Denly

Research Strategy & Funding Administrator

Regula Dent

Executive Assistant to the Director of Global Health

Naomi Gibson

Public and Policy Engagement Facilitator

Joanna Miller

Global Health Facilitator

Mary Muers

Research Culture Facilitator

Sally Pelling-Deeves

Immunology Research Facilitator

Shelly Stringer

Research Evaluation Manager

Afroditi Tsourgianni

Translational Research Funding Administrator

Michelle Wilson

Research Culture Project Officer

Adelyn Wise

Research Funding Manager

Michael Youdell

Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre Director of Translational Research ...

Eliya Lucks

Communications Officer (Research)