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Graduate School

Programme Director: Professor Fiona Powrie

Programme Co-Directors: Professor Helen McShane and Professor Christoph Tang

Full DPhil in Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine course information (University of Oxford admissions website)

The IITM DPhil programme provides integrated training in infection and immunology, and how fundamental research can be translated into benefits for human health. The course provides outstanding opportunities for research in basic mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of infectious diseases, immune and inflammatory responses to infection, and the development of drugs and vaccines. The first year comprises three laboratory rotations in different disciplines, and access to extensive training courses and support. There is then a three-year period to undertake research towards your DPhil.

Students benefit by performing research with world-leading scientists in excellent facilities, and training in state-of-the-art techniques for studying Infectious Disease and Immunology.

Please note: Shortlisting will take place on Wednesday 18th January 2017 and interviews will be held on Thursday 26th January 2017 and Friday 27th January 2017. Due to the time between shortlisting and interview dates, please bear in mind you could be called for interview at short notice.



The following researchers are affiliated with this programme

Tal Arnon
Ellie Barnes
Philip Bejon
Vincenzo Cerundolo
Richard Cornall
Simon Davis
Tao Dong
Simon Draper
Omer Dushek
Ervin Fodor
Matthew Freeman
Lars Fugger
Sarah C Gilbert
Eva Gluenz
Philip Goulder
David Greaves
Kay Grunewald
Mads Gyrd-Hansen
Matthew Higgins
Georg Holländer
David G Jackson
Colin Kleanthous
Paul Klenerman
Susan Lea
Petros Ligoxygakis
Martin Maiden
Kevin Maloy
Helen McShane
Chris O'Callaghan
Faith Osier
Andrew Pollard
Fiona Powrie FRS
Jan Rehwinkel
Sarah L Rowland-Jones
Jeanne Salje
Quentin Sattentau
Alison Simmons
Katja Simon
Joel Tarning
Guy Thwaites
Irina Udalova
Anton van der Merwe
Richard Williams
Nicole Zitzmann

Application Deadline

The new application cycle for entry in 2017 opens on 1 September 2016.  The deadline for applications to be received is 6 January 2017.

College Choice

It is suggested that applicants to the Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine programme select St Edmund Hall as their college choice.

Information on which colleges accept applicants to this programme can be found here.

Supported by

Wellcome Trust

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