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Simon Draper

Blood-Stage Malaria Vaccine Group


Training Opportunities

Prof Draper has supervised 15 DPhil students over the past 11 years with a 100% completion rate, and has been awarded a Medical Sciences Division Teaching Award for DPhil supervision. Close attention is paid to the generation of a stimulating, productive and collaborative learning environment, with a regular programme of informal lab meetings and ‘journal club’ in addition to more formal Jenner Institute seminars. All students are expected to present their research internally and at relevant conferences, and to work towards publications. A student could expect to learn a broad range of transferable practical techniques in the areas such as molecular biology, virology, parasitology and immunology.

The Jenner Institute is Europe’s largest academic translational vaccinology research centre, with activity extending from basic microbiological and immunological research into first-time-in-human clinical trials and subsequent international field trials. The Institute’s close integration of preclinical and clinical activities offers near-unique opportunities for students to be involved throughout this process; and to-date, 9 candidate vaccines developed by the Blood-Stage Malaria Group, most often in the context of DPhil projects, have moved from laboratory studies and into the clinical trials programme. With other active programmes within the Institute targeting diseases including liver- and mosquito-stage malaria, HIV, TB, dengue, emerging/outbreak pathogens, cancer and influenza, DPhil students have the opportunity to interact with senior researchers with a wide variety of expertise, and to develop a broad skill-set to support a career in 21st century translational medicine.