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Biochemistry Building

Please regularly check this page for updates. 

January 2021 - Work finished on completion of Biochemistry Building

The newest building in the Science Area was handed over on 13 January 2021, following agreement by the Project Board that the work on the building's second phase has now reached the milestone of Practical Completion

Read more on the University of Oxford's Estates Services website

October 2020 - Breaking through the temporary wall between the two phases

The completion of the Biochemistry building reached a symbolic milestone in early October, with the unification of the building’s two phases. Read the news story on this major milestone.

View images of works progressing in the Biochemistry building

July 2020 - Fit out on floors continues | Facade near completion

COVID-19 Risk assessment complete, and work continues on floor fit out. Read July 2020 update.

Febraury 2020 - Fit out work Continue

Roof work is progressing well, and fit continues in basement and lower ground. Read Feb 2020 update.

December 2019 - Fixed Crane to be dismantled

The actual removal will take place on the 14 / 15 December. Leading up to this date there will be some temporary barriers to the pathway at the back ( i.e. north) of Dyson Perrins but if anyone needs to move along this route then approach the barrier and the construction traffic marshals will let then through. Read Dec 2019 update.

October 2019 - Substructure complete

The substructure and raft slab are now complete, work up to level 4 will begin at the end of September. Please continue to expect traffic in the area. Read Oct 2019 update.

July 2019 - Remedial works of Paths

Remedial works to the pathways around the Science Area and primarily around the Biochemistry Completion project hoardings are being undertaken in an attempt to improve the alignment / levels of the pathways. Read July 2019 update.

June 2019 - Excavation complete, substructure work starts 

Excavation of basement is now complete, and work on the buildings substructure has started. Please remain vigilant when walking in the area. Read June 2019 update.

March 2019 - Capping beam complete, excavation Starts

Excavation to the basement is under way. Expect 80 - 90 wagons on site each day, removing dirt from the area. Read March 2019 update.

    February 2019 - capping beam work continues

    Pedestrian route plan is now fully operational. Piling works are now complete and the capping beam work is progressing well with 2/3 of the work completed. You may notice an increase in traffic as works progress. Please take care in the area and stick to the pedestrian routes. Read Feb 2019 update.

    Mid-November 2018 - Piling work starting soon

    Piling work will begin shortly, and is expected to last 12 weeks. Extra vehicular traffic is expected. Please plan your journey accordingly. Read mid-Nov 2019 update.

    November 2018 -  Changes to cycle access and parking | Hoardings, Piliing, Cabins

    The construction of Biochemistry Building Completion project will mean changes to the way cyclists access and park their bicycles in the Science Area. Additionally, gates in the hoardings will be locked, and preparations are being made for the arrival of pilings and cabins. Read Nov 2019 update.

    October 2018 - Changes to Cycle Routes and Bike Parking

    Hinshelwood and Sherrington road will be closed to cyclist. New cycle racks will be installed in alternative locations. Read October 2018 update.

    October 2018 - Site setup begins, Pedestrian Routes Altered, Parking Relocation

    The early site setup works will start on Monday 15 October. Hoarding will be installed, and while disruption will be kept to a minimum, there will be an impact on vehicle and pedestrian routes, and works will start to impinge on car parking availability in the area. Read October 2018 update. 

    Mid-August 2018 Update

    The team delivering Biochemistry Building Completion project are working to ensure value for money and cost certainty for the University. To this end further packages for the construction are being tendered. At this time we do not anticipate starting on site prior to the 18th September. Further updates will be posted as dates for the works are formalised.

    August 2018 Update - Site Logistics

    Following a period of consultation with the various stakeholders in the Science Area the outline logistics plan has now been developed as indicated on the accompanying Site Logistics document (pdf).  Access to all buildings for staff and teaching as well as the maintenance of deliveries and collections are being considered and are of course essential for the area. It is intended that new signage will be put in place across the areas affected to help direct cyclists, pedestrians and vehicular traffic. The signage, hoarding and barriers are to maintain safety and segregation of all traffic wherever possible.

    The site preparation works are proposed to start towards the end of August, with hoarding being installed. The welfare cabins directly outside the Sherrington building are planned to be maintained until early next year when these will need to be replaced with more substantial facilities to accommodate the larger workforce then required. The location of these remains to be defined and the plans will be updated when released.

    Download Outline Logistics Plan (pdf)

    July 2018 Update

    The design team are working towards completion of RIBA stage 4 and the main contractor for construction, Laing O’Rourke, has been selected. Details on hoarding lines, placement of temporary and longer term welfare facilities and logistics scheme are being refined in discussion with the surrounding building occupants and wider University where required. The traffic management plan for construction works will be agreed with the city planners. Work on site is anticipated to start August/September time, with the hoarding and temporary welfare facilities being set up first as they are needed for the initial stages of the construction.   

    Communications for the project will include regular neighbour meetings, which are intended to keep all Departments up to date on final agreed logistic plans and progress of works during the construction programme.   

    May 2018 Update

    As work on Biochemistry Building Completion nears its start date this summer, we talk to Project Sponsor and Head of the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Professor Matthew Freeman, about what to expect from this new interdisciplinary institute in both the short and longer term. Read May 2018 update.


    There is a team to assist in questions or issues you may have during the construction process.

    The University Capital Projects Team are:  

    Each of the Divisions have their own Programme Manager, please contact as below:

    • Humanities and Social Sciences: 
      Jennifer Makkreel                              
      T: 01865 278768  M: 07748111799
    • MPLS:                                                                  
      Paul Prince                                                           
      T: 01865 278761  M: 07979516591
    • MSD:  
      Eveline James                                               
      T: 01865 288559  M: 07748020514

    For all questions relating to works and logistics for Biochemistry Building Completion our external contacts are:

    • Lead Project Manager:                                 
      Colin McAuley                               
      M: 07867907584
    • Project Leader, Laing O’Rourke:               
      Rob Cooper                                                            
      M: 07765612916
    • Logistics Manager, Laing O’Rourke:        
      Phil Larkin                                                                 
      M: 07766510285   

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