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Map showing with red lines red cycle parking and cycle access

The construction of Biochemistry Building Completion project will mean changes to the way cyclists access and park their bicycles in the Science Area.  Additional cycle parking is being provided to offset those lost due to the site compound.  The changes to through routes, access routes and additional cycle parking are shown in the image above. 

In summary:

  • From Monday 12 November it will not be possible to cycle through the Science Area.  Instead, cyclists will need to use the South Parks Road / Parks Road cycle path
  • For safety reasons, some routes will be closed to cyclists, including the path at the back of DPAG through to Sibthorp Road, Le Gros Clark Place and the route from  Dorothy Hodgkin Road to Hinshelwood Road
  • Cycle parking, including an additional 100 berths will be provided on the verge of Parks Road and South Parks Road from 26 November 2018.  More will follow if necessary.  Cyclists who previously parked in areas that are no longer accessible are asked to park at these locations and walk in
  • Around 300 cycle parking berths around the edge of the Science Area with spare capacity are already available

Please also be prepared for the following:

  • All the gates in the hoarding will be locked from Monday 12 November at 7am, so access will be via pedestrian routes
  • Preparation for piling to start on Monday 12 November and last for 2 weeks
  • Cabins arriving on Wednesday 14 November. They will be sited outside Sherrington Building
  • White lining (for pedestrian and cycle routes) installed on Friday 9 November
  • Piling Rig expected on site on Monday 26 November