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The MSD Project Management Office supports departments in the delivery of projects.

Complete information about the process for delivering projects can be found on the team’s SharePoint site.


The team mainly work on capital projects, which involve the construction of a new facility or refurbishment of existing accommodation. The team helps departments

  • develop their plans
  • assists in navigating the University’s system for governing capital projects
  • and supports them through the construction phase. 

The team also supports non-capital projects, such as the acquisition of new research units (via TUPE transfers) or the creation of new research institutes and the development of associated governance models.

Central to the approach taken is to ensure that projects deliver outputs to support the strategic aims of the department, Division and wider University. The team works closely with departments to understand their requirements from project inception and then to tailor the support provided to best ensure a successful outcome. 

As well as providing advice and support to departments, the team also

  • prepares status reporting on the portfolio of projects in progress to committees
  • produces and maintains templates and guidance documents to support consistency in the delivery of projects.


The project delivery function is a small team which supports departments in the operational delivery of construction projects to ensure that departments are ready and can operate smoothly in new space from day one.

Projects range from smaller departmental works through to capital building projects across both the minor capital plan and strategic capital plan.

The scope of the function’s involvement is tailored and agreed at the onset of projects to provide departments with the support that they require, to ensure successful operational delivery of a project.