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The actual removal will take place on the 14 / 15 December. Leading up to this date there will be some temporary barriers to the pathway at the back ( i.e. north) of Dyson Perrins but if anyone needs to move along this route then approach the barrier and the construction traffic marshals will let then through. However the following periods should be noted:

Friday 13 December from 12 noon for the remainder of that day the pathway along the back of the Dyson Perrins leading to Hinshelwood Road will be closed. There will still be a route from the Biochemistry Courtyard to and through Le Gros Clark Place i.e down towards Earth Sciences

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 December all day there will be no access along the back of the Dyson Perrins i.e no through route from the Biochemistry Courtyard to either Hinshelwood Road or Le Gros Clark Place

Saturday 14 December 8-11am we would prefer that there is no one working in the north end of the Dyson Perrin’s building. If this is not possible, please contact the undersigned to discuss.

During the period that Hinshelwood Road is blocked (i.e. 13 / 14 / 15 December) , LOR will have fire marshals in place who , if required, would direct emergency vehicles via Parks Road / Sherrington |Road


A neighbourhood meeting took place on Wednesday 11 December, click here to view the slides.