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Student using a computer in the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre

Information on fees and funding

Please see the University's 'Oxford and the EU' webpage on the impact of the UK's decision to leave.

The University provides information on fees, living costs and sources of funding on the University's Student Fees and Funding website.

Fee status

University tuition fees are charged at different rates depending on your fee status: Home/Republic of Ireland (ROI) or Overseas. A government-imposed quota restricts us to a maximum of fourteen Medicine students each year who are classified as overseas for fees purposes. It is therefore recommended that you resolve any uncertainty about your fee status as soon as possible after you have submitted your application for admission.

Do be aware that citizenship does not in itself determine your status for fees purposes. The issue is decided according to the facts of each case, having regard to where the student has been 'ordinarily resident' for the three year period to 31 August prior to commencing a course at a British University. In most cases, the main purpose of this residence must not have been for educational purposes.

Who can I contact to get advice on my likely fee status?

Unfortunately if you have not yet made an application we are unable to provide advice on your likely fee status. General advice from the University on determining status for fees purposes can be found on the University fee status page. Further information on fees status is also available from the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), a national advisory body that provides advice for international students. Please note that UKCISA does not carry out assessments of individual circumstances.

If you would like specialised guidance after you have made your application, do contact the University’s Student Fees Team (, making sure you attach the questionnaire available for download from the University fee status page. Please note that detailed assessments cannot be carried out until an application for admission has been made.


We regret that there are few, if any, scholarships available for A100 Medicine in Oxford due to the nature and duration of the course and the costs involved.

You can undertake a full funding search using the Undergraduate fees, funding and scholarship search tool.

The following funding search website may also be of interest.

The University has published information on what UK government funding is available for UK students.


In years five and six, course fees are paid in full by the NHS for all Home students. The support is not means-tested and does not need to be repaid. See the funding for medical students webpage for further details.


The latest course fee rates for overseas students are available on the University's fees website. Overseas students on the A100 Medicine course pay fees at the pre-clinical rate for three years and at the higher clinical rate for a further three years.

Clinical course fees

During the third year of the course students apply for entry to a clinical school at which to complete the clinical stage (years 4 to 6) of their medical training. All suitably-qualified Oxford pre-clinical students will be guaranteed an offer from the Oxford Clinical School. Oxford students may apply to or may be allocated to a different Oxford college for years 4 to 6. Further information on admission to the Oxford clinical course can be found at on the clinical study website. Please note that the Oxford Clinical School only accepts applications from Oxford pre-clinical students.

Fee liability for Home/ROI students remains the same throughout the pre-clinical and clinical section of course, even if students do not stay in Oxford for the clinical stages. This is because medical students are deemed to be on the same course of study throughout the six years.

Fee liability for overseas students is higher during the clinical years and it is rarely possible to change fee status from Overseas to Home/ROI.

Information on University and college fees for the clinical section of the course is available on the 'fees and funding' tab on the University's landing page for admissions to A100 Medicine.