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The Medical School will consider applications from mature students for admission to the pre-clinical course. However, there is no separate application process for mature students, and you would be in direct competition with school-leavers. Competition, as you will imagine, is therefore intense, and only the most well qualified candidates would be in the running for a place.

Mature applicants will need to demonstrate that they fulfil the entry requirements in the same way as school-leavers (see the academic entry requirements for further information, including information on Access & Foundation courses).

If you are in doubt as to your academic suitablility for the course, please send any queries to us at

Age limit

While no upper age limit applies for admission to the pre-clinical course, older applicants should consider the implications of seeking to enter the profession at a later stage, especially bearing in mind that qualification, probation and subsequent specialist training will take a considerable time to complete. To make a case for admission, you would obviously need to show clear evidence of commitment and motivation in switching vocation at this stage in your career.

Shortlisting & GCSEs

Shortlisting for interview for the A100 course in Medicine relies heavily on BMAT and GCSE performance. In terms of GCSE performance, we look at both the number and the the proportion of A* grades across all GCSE subjects taken, not including short courses.

For those applicants who haven’t taken GCSE, BMAT is given greater weighting, and school performance is further assessed by college tutors. This also applies to those applicants who sat their GCSEs before A* was introduced.