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Oxford offers two courses in medicine, both leading to the same qualification (a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery or BMBCh) and both open to graduates.

Graduate entry to the A100 standard course (five years)

This course is in two stages, a two year course studying pre-clinical medicine, and a three year clinical course. 

The Medical School will consider applications from graduates for admission to the pre-clinical course. However, there is no separate application process for graduates and no places are reserved specifically for graduates, and you would be in direct competition with school-leavers. Competition, as you will imagine, is therefore intense, and only the most well qualified applicants would be in the running for a place.

Applicants with an Honours degree, and appropriate A-levels (see the academic entry requirements) are welcome to apply, but should ensure that they provide details of their school examinations results, as well as actual or predicted grades for their university degree course(s) on the UCAS application.

Graduate applicants should note that the award (or prediction) of a first class or high second class degree is likely to be a relevant pre-requisite to a demonstration that they are suitable for the academic demands of the course.

Please note that our standard academic requirements and selection processes apply for all applicants and that a good first Honours degree cannot compensate for relatively poor results in A-levels or equivalent qualifications or qualifications in subjects not directly relevant to our course.

If you are in doubt as to your academic suitablility for the course, please send any specific query to us at

Additionally all applicants for Medicine (including graduates) are normally required to take the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) as part of their application. You can find further information on the UCAT website or on our own UCAT webpage

N.B. Graduate applicants should be aware that from the first to the fourth year of the Standard Course (A100), UK students on a second degree are only entitled to claim for a loan toward living costs, and not for any tuition fee support or for any maintenance grants towards living costs. NHS bursaries are then available for UK students in their fifth and sixth years of study.

A101 accelerated course (four years)

The Oxford Medical School offers an intensive four year course (A101) for graduates with a degree in applied or experimental science.

The first two years focus on the medical sciences but with some integrated clinical training. The final two years of the course are the same as the fifth and sixth years of the six year course.

Depending on the subject of your undergraduate degree, you may be eligible to apply for the A101 course; please consult the list of approved first degrees to ascertain whether you are eligible.

Please email for further information.