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Oxford offers two courses in medicine, both leading to the same qualification (a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery or BMBCh) and both open to graduates:

A100 Standard Course

A100 standard course

Honours graduates may complete the usual six-year course in five years. This course is in two stages, a two-year stage studying Pre-clinical Medicine, and a three-year Clinical Medicine stage.

The Medical School considers applications from graduates for admission to the pre-clinical course, and in recent years we have admitted a graduate every other year on average. No places are reserved specifically for graduates, and you would be in direct competition with school-leavers. Competition, as you will imagine, is intense, and only the most well qualified applicants would be in the running for a place.

Graduate applicants should note that the usual school-leaving academic requirements apply. Additionally, the award (or prediction) of a first class or high second class degree is likely to be a relevant pre-requisite to demonstrate that they are suitable for the academic demands of the course.

Further information can be found at on our page on graduate entry to the A100 standard medical course.

A101 Accelerated course

A101 accelerated course

This course takes four years and is intended for graduates with a degree in applied or experimental science. The first two years focus on the medical sciences but with some integrated clinical training. The final two years of the course are the same as the fifth and sixth years of the six-year course. To assess your eligibility please see the list of  qualifying degrees for the accelerated medical course.