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As you may already be aware, we draw heavily on quantitative and objective measures in order to select applicants for interview, and one of these measures is performance at GCSE. If you have performed badly at GCSE, our website should help you to determine whether you might have a realistic chance of a place. 

Our average applicant has 80% of GCSE grades at A* and 8.5 A* grades- although there is no cut-off, and we will look at your performance within the context of your school, this should give you a good idea of what is expected (mostly A*s). In general terms, if you have a lower than average set of GCSE grades, you will need a stronger performance in the BMAT in order to be short-listed automatically. You can try some of the specimen tests available on the BMAT website to assess your likely performance in the test.

All applicants who do not make the initial short-list are reviewed in detail by our tutors, taking into account any individual circumstances that might indicate that GCSE performance is likely to underestimate their potential. So, if you feel that you underperformed at GCSE because of extreme circumstances beyond your control, it is important that these extenuating circumstances are mentioned by your teacher in the academic reference.