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Your application may still be considered, but it is very important that you inform us why your studies may have taken longer than usual. We place a real emphasis on proven academic ability to ensure that we admit applicants who are best suited for the demanding course we deliver at Oxford. Candidates who have taken 3 years to achieve what most do in 2 may not be viewed as competitive, so it is important to present a clear and valid argument for why your studies went beyond the usual 2 year time frame.

Reasons might include disruption caused by change of school or system, severe discontinuity of teachers, bereavement or a debilitating illness.  

We take pains to treat each application individually and would always take such mitigating circumstances into account, if they are brought to our attention via our dedicated procedure for this purpose. Read more about how to notify us of the circumstances which caused you to take A-levels outside the usual 2-year time frame.