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Module grades are an optional field on the UCAS form, so applicants and schools have flexibility in the amount of information they submit to us. That being the case, we generally do not use module information in a formal way when short-listing, and we do not specify any requirements in terms of either module grades or when modules need to be sat.

It is worth bearing in mind that we are looking for individuals with the capability to do well in a course that is demanding both in breadth and depth; an applicant who is struggling to reach the standard of an A grade in an AS or A2 module is not likely to be well-suited to it.  Conversely, a student performing consistently well across all modules stands a stronger chance of competing successfully for a place on our programme.

There may be special reasons why particular students do not do well at the start of AS their studies, but they should put any doubt about their potential behind them by the time they take A2 if they are to have any real prospect of gaining a place on the course.