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BMAT cannot be 'crammed' for; however, basic familiarity with the test's question and answer style will help you prepare.  Everything that you need to prepare for the BMAT is on, or mentioned on, the BMAT website, and you can practise the test with the specimen papers available for download. Additionally because the test specification very strongly relates to level 3 key skills such as 'handling of number' and 'communication', your best preparation is to work hard on developing your key skills during your sixth-form studies.

Section 2 of the test will always be based around the relevant version of the National Curriculum taken by the majority of the cohort. It would therefore be wise for you to revise some GCSE science and maths.

The one text we recommend when preparing for the test is "Preparing for the BMAT: The official guide to the BioMedical Admissions Test", written by the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing; this official guide has everything needed to prepare and practice in a single book.  It contains plenty of specimen questions and answers, providing confidence and knowledge of what to expect from the BMAT. It is published by Heinemann, and costs around £18, (ISBN 9780435046873). The book is available for purchase from: Pearson Education website

Companies and individuals offering help with BMAT do not have a special insight into the nature of the test.  While an applicant's performance at any test will improve with some familiarisation or practice, anyone thinking of paying for such help should consider very carefully whether they would be wasting their money.