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Access and Foundation courses can meet the basic requirements for entry to the Oxford pre-clinical course, with certain provisos. They will only be acceptable alternatives to A-level where you can demonstrate that:

  • The course covers the same content as the A-levels we ask for in our entry criteria (and to an equal standard), particularly for Chemistry (which is compulsory).
  • Entry to the course is competitive in nature.
  • The syllabus is assessed by formal written examination.
  • The result is classified (a pass at Distinction level will be required).

Realistically, only an applicant who is performing consistently well across all elements of an Access or Foundation course would be capable of competing for a place on an even playing field with other applicants who are taking A-levels or the IB.

Please note that it will be your responsibility to demonstrate to us that your course is a suitable alternative to A-levels. 

The Oxford Medical School does not recommend any particular Access or Foundation courses.