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Full funding opportunities, covering fees and living expenses, are available to outstanding applicants to all courses using the Friday 1 December 2023 application deadline.

What do I need to do to be considered for full funding?

To be considered for full funding, candidates applying to start a course from October 2024 must have submitted their University application(s) for the course(s) they wish to be considered for by 12 noon (UK time) on Friday 1st December 2023. Candidates will automatically be considered for full funding from a number of sources including the Wellcome Trust, MRC, EPSRC, CR-UK, British Heart Foundation, the Clarendon Fund, Oxford Colleges and numerous charitable sources (e.g. Newton Abraham Studentship, Christopher Welch Scholarship). 

More information about how applicants are considered for funding.

What does this funding cover?

As a minimum, the funding will pay fees at the Home rate and provide a stipend at the standard Research Council rate (which was £18,622 pa for 2023/24) for the duration of fee liability* (typically 3 years).  Most awards will cover the higher overseas fees as well. Some awards pay higher stipends and/or extend to 4 years. Students on Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre structured DPhil courses (with a fee liability of 4 years) are funded for 4 years. Some awards include additional funds to cover research and training expenses. The balance of the research and training expenses are generally paid by the supervisors and/or their Department.

*More information about fee liability

Should I apply to outside sources?

There are many external scholarships available with their own application dates and processes. You need to apply for these separately, in addition to applying to Oxford.  There a number of major external scholarships particularly relevant to Medical Sciences applicants.

How likely am I to get full funding?

Most students accepted for the Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre structured DPhil courses will get full funding for 4 years. The exception to this is a subset of overseas students who pay a higher fee. In some cases the extra cost of these higher fees will need to be met by the student.

Highly-ranked applicants for Direct-entry DPhil courses will automatically be considered for full funding for 3 or 4 years, depending on the course. The number of full funding awards that is made varies, with larger courses making more awards.

Highly-ranked applicants for Taught MSc courses will automatically be considered for full funding for 1 year.

I am not from the UK. Am I eligible for funding?

Yes. Full funding opportunities are available, whatever your nationality.