If you are applying for a Project Licence you have to complete an accredited course covering EU Modules 9-11, as well as the full PIL A & B course.  If your project licence includes surgical procedures then you'll also need to attend additional PIL C training (Modules 21 & 22).

The PPL Holder Course is structured around a series of presentations delivered by experts in that particular field. Rather than straight lectures, the format is that of a busy, sometimes intense, but always informal and friendly round the table discussion for about 6-9 delegates. See below  timetable and the FAQs for more general information.

COVID19 UPDATE. We won't let a bit of RNA stop us and our courses continue to be run remotely with a series of interactive sessions spread over 4 days. See below for draft timetable

REMOTE  teaching timetable

This is a guide to enable you to plan ahead. Each session is scheduled  to last  a maximum of two hours  (possibly less in practice).  The sessions will be live and interactive, as per our custom, but without our wonderful food or coffee (the fee reflects this). It is important that you are committed to attending all the sessions though. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Monday 6th Dec - 10 am - 12 pm.           Session 1 - Scientific and Ethical Issues

Monday 6th Dec - 2 - 4 pm                      Session 2  - Refinement

Tuesday 7th Dec - 10 am - 12 pm           Session 3 -  Reduction: Determining Significance

Tuesday 7th Dec - 2 - 4 pm                     Session 4 - Reduction: Controlling Variation

Wednesday 8th Dec - 10 am -12 pm      Session 5 [TBC] Care-Full stories 

Wednesday 8th Dec - 2 - 4 pm               Session 6 - From Replacement to Reporting.

Thursday 9th Dec - 10 am - 12 pm        Session 7 -  Managing a PPL

Thursday 9th Dec - 2 - 4 pm                  Session 8 -  Actual Severity Reporting, resources and assessment instructions