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Biomedical Services

If you are applying for a Personal Licence under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 you first have to attend and pass an accredited course.  

Everyone applying for a personal licence has to pass PIL A & B (EU Modules 1-8 & 20).  Some of the modules (3-8) are species specific so you'll need to complete assessments according to the species you'll be working with.  

If you'll be doing surgical procedures you'll need to pass the additional PIL C training.

Personal Licence Holders who need to amend their licence will just need to attend the relevant additional training (eg to add a species or surgical procedures)

If you're an experienced overseas researcher applying for a PIL in the UK for the first time, have a look at the Personal Licence Information page here where you'll find further information about possible training exemptions. 

A full list of all the EU/UK training Modules can be found here.


We run the the following courses:

For further information about any of our courses please contact us.