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OMH runs meetings and other events to help researchers share expertise and knowledge, with the aim of encouraging new interactions and collaborations. This includes the OMH Annual Symposium and events run by the OMH Researchers' Association.


There are no upcoming events currently. 


Metabolomics Data Analysis Workshop - short day course led by Professor James McCullagh, Department of Chemistry.

We ran two successful workshops online in September 2020 and March 2021 for around 50 participants. The course introduced participants to tools and approaches for processing, analysing and interpreting mass spectrometry data from metabolomics experiments. This included data preparation, statistical analysis (multivariate and univariate techniques), biomarker discovery, data visualisation and approaches to functional interpretation, including metabolic pathway mapping. The workshop was a mix of lectures and hands-on sessions and was attended by established metabolomics users and those new to the field.

We are continuing to monitor the demand for this training. If you would like to be included in any possible future workshops, please let Jane Itzhaki know.


See the Past events page for details of all previous OMH events.