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OMH runs meetings and other events to help researchers share expertise and knowledge, with the aim of encouraging new interactions and collaborations. This includes the OMH Annual Symposium and events run by the OMH Researchers' Association.

future events

Metabolomics Data Processing, Analysis and Visualisation Workshop

We are planning to run this as an on-line workshop in September 2020. Details to follow

  • Lectures and hands-on sessions run by Professor James McCullagh and colleagues from the Department of Chemistry exploring the tools and approaches used for processing, analysis and interpretation of mass spectrometry data for metabolomics applications.
  • Suitable for those new to the field and with some experience.

The workshop will be offered to 15 participants. Because the number is limited, we are asking everyone to provide brief details about their level of experience and how the workshop will benefit them when they register. We will use this information to select participants with a similar level of experience and with a broad spectrum of interests if there is more demand than space. We hope that we will be able to provide additional opportunities in the future is demand is high. 

To register your interest, please complete this form.


See the Past events page for details of all previous OMH events.