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Oxford Metabolic Health

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To keep up-to-date with relevant events and opportunities, join the OMH network by sending an email to All Oxford-based researchers and those from nearby facilities such as Harwell, at any level of their career, are welcome to join the OMH network and participate in our events and contribute ideas.

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updates and opportunities

Internal opportunities

Request for expressions of interest from potential users of a SpinAligner. Damian Tyler and Lisa Heather (DPAG) are looking to apply for a multi-user equipment grant to purchase a SpinAligner. This allows users to hyperpolarize 13C-labelled substrates such as pyruvate and glucose and track their downstream metabolism in real time, and can be used for both in vivo and cell-based metabolic imaging. If you are interested in using this type of technique in future, let Jane Itzhaki know what disease/organ/pathway/research question you studying that it could help you with. For further details about the equipment or plans, please contact Lisa.  

OMH Metabolomics Data Processing, Analysis and Visualisation Workshop. We ran a very successful online workshop for students and postdocs in September led by James McCullagh in Chemistry and will be planning another workshop later in the year. You can register your interest for this on the Events page.  

External opportunities