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Clinical Study

This page sets out the specific academic qualifications required for entry to the clinical course. You should also see a separate page setting out the general selection criteria concerning your personal characteristics and academic potential.

[You may wish also to refer to the requirements for the pre-clinical course and the graduate-entry course.]

It is anticipated that all students who apply to continue their clinical studies at Oxford will be offered a place, providing they have successfully completed First BM Parts I and II and are deemed fit to study/fit to practise.  All offers are conditional on achieving a BA (Hons) degree (i.e. passing FHS) and passing the Qualifying Examination in the Principles of Clinical Anatomy.

The following university qualifications are required:

  • First BM Examination (including the Principles of Clinical Anatomy examination) and
  • A Second Public Examination (normally the Honour School of Medical Sciences) for the BA degree.

Students who decide to do a research degree in Oxford or elsewhere before starting the clinical course must complete their thesis before they begin their clinical training. There is no time available during the clinical course for completing theses.